When it comes to the price of oil… who has the lowest price for the Delaware County?Oil Depot Inc. offers you options to save on your heating costs that you may not find anywhere else in the area.

Our Everyday Fuel Oil Discounts

If you reside in the Delaware County area, we offer you 5 ways to save on the price of heating oil :

  • Our Low Price Guarantee.Our fuel oil prices are usually lower than most of our competitors.
  • We Allow Low Minimum Orders.Times are hard and sometimes your budget will not allow for 100 gallons or more to be delivered, so we have lowered our minimum delivery to 25
  • You can ask for a specific dollar amount.You can request a specific dollar amount of fuel to be delivered, as long as it is over what would be charged for the minimum 25 gallon order. (Example: Your can request $300 worth.)
  • Quantity Discounts: Now you can get a discount on gallon price if you are ordering 150 gallons or more.
  • Our customers receive discount couponsWe believe in customer loyalty so we give discount coupons to our loyal customers.

Remember the above savings are available to you everyday! With our low prices you now have more control over your fuel delivery costs.